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2022 Roses & Rosé Frequency Guide by GoDJRobReal

Check out The Roses & Rosé “Frequency” guide by our Disc Jockey, GoDJRobReal.

Focus on Your MINDSET. From the beginning, As soon as you Buy your Ticket, As soon as You Find your Outfit. Go ahead & expand & elevate your MINDSET on what you will be embarking on!

It's not about The DJ, the Band, or the Event hosts, This Is STRICTLY about Mindset.

The Frequency of Roses & Rosé will be musically & aesthetically DIFFERENT than the norm. There are so many Music Genres, & Sometimes we get so Conditioned & STUCK on our inner Ratchet, that we forget it's SO MUCH OTHER FUN MUSIC! It's not Your fault!

We are requesting that you Elevate Your Mind To KNOW that you will have to Turn Up & Vibe to some GOOD NON-RATCHET VIBES! I exclusively refer to this Vibe as “”SOPHISTIRATCHET.” Put yourself in a “Crunk House Party” Mindset, where it doesn't matter what's being played, you just vibe out & have a good time to it.

You & your Girls or You & Your Guys, vibing, dancing, singing, rapping, or just clowning around in your Dope & Sexy Spring attire.

Give Yourself That Joy, That Diversity, That VIBE!

Before you even leave your house, Elevate your TurnUp expectations, & be mentally prepared to let the Ambiance of the Rose Garden & the beautiful people take you to a Higher place.

The actual musical selections will be a fine mixture of Afro-Beats, UpBeat R&B, Classic Hits, & some Selective Hip-Hop Vibes. Freeing your mind & Elevating your musical taste is strongly recommended.

We all Love the Ratchet Vibe, but in order to preserve our cultural past-time of ratchetness we must not abuse it or oversaturate it. We should be diverse, and venture outside of the norm sometimes!

We want you to have the ultimate “SophistiRatchet” experience this Sunday. Roses & Rosé is the perfect event for that - an opportunity to feel Sexy & Fly the entire time.

We are extremely eager to see the Sexy dances, the Fly stepping & Smooth grooving to the Hottest sounds of Afro-Beats, Reggae, R&B & Selective Upbeat Hits!

Help us make Roses & Rosé a WHOLE VIBE!

The Social Circle & Friends can't wait to see you!

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