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A Social Guide to The Weekend

We’re excited about the days ahead and our work on curating collective enjoyment. We believe in the benefits of beautiful experiences with positive people, and we always set out to create just that.

If you’re planning on having a great time this weekend, check out this day-by-day guide to events with The Social Circle of Louisiana.

Thursday - Private Tasting with Du Nord Social Spirits

At this private tasting event, learn more about this award-winning craft cocktail brand with an intimate experience.

Enjoy cocktails made with Du Nord's vodka, gin and whiskey as you mix and mingle with fellow Socialites.

An email will be sent to you with the location.

What to Wear? A simple, stylish look.

Friday Night - The "City by the River Classic" Pregame Celebration

The "City by the River Classic" Pregame Celebration is a must-attend event. Get dressed for a luxury downtown nightlife experience in the beautifully appointed Phoenix 2.0.

Make sure you're ready for a night of live music from Alter Ego band, plus GoDjrobreal, GoDjChris and GoDjStaticShock.

Enjoy a VIP section with a bottle of premium liquor, the perfect seating area for you and your guests.

How do I get tickets?

What to wear?

Never worry that you’ll be overdressed with The Social Circle. We always expect your full expression of style. This will be an upscale event, but whether your style is edgy or chic, make sure you're ready for an evening full of excitement!

Saturday - DJs & Du Nord Shreveport Classic Fan Fest

The tailgate is the highlight of any football weekend. It's a chance to really show your school pride, interact with other fans and even win some prizes. But what’s your game plan for having the best time possible? There’s only one way: Tailgate with The Social Circle.

With drinks and swag from our Fan Fest partner, Du Nord Social Sprits, come prepared and comfortable to have a great time.

This is the time stroll with your sorors, reunite with your frat and meet some new people while enjoying drinks sure to please every palate.

What to wear?

This is the day to come with comfort first. Check the weather and choose comfortable shoes. Rock your school’s colors or your fraternity or sorority’s paraphernalia for the perfect collegiate vibe.

We hope this helps you stay ahead of the game in enjoying a weekend of football, friends, spirits and socializing. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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