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Circle Back June 24, 2022

Before we begin, if you’re not following us on IG. Go do that now.

Not only do we have more events, content and giveaways coming up - we’re teaching our exec director, Sylvester Marshall how to make reels.

Can we get him to do a voiceover of David Ruffin in the Temptations movie? We hope. Either way, it should be fun.

Now back to the Circle Back.


Drake and Beyonce came with House Music this week.

“The feeling, the tempo and the rhythm are much lighter, happier and honest than ever.” - Sammy Approved

If you were at Roses & Rose’ you know that “ light and happy” is exactly the vibe The Social Circle is riding. And honestly, exactly what we need.

Read about The Black History of House Music on Global Grind.


This clip of Sadhguru is the inspiration this week.

“I am not giving the freedom to anybody that somebody can make me angry, somebody can make me happy, somebody can make me unhappy. These privileges I’ve kept to myself.” -Sadhguru

Remarkable Fact.

Did you know a Black man from Nebraska invented Ranch Dressing in the early 1960’s?

Steve (Kenneth) Henson had a dream of starting a dude ranch and opened Hidden Valley Ranch in the late 1950’s, but business wasn’t going great. However, guests loved the salad dressing he made and started asking for jars to take home. Soon it turned into a mail order business for Ranch seasoning packets. He sold the brand to Clorox in 1972 for $8 million.

Locally, Shreveport’s Harrice Daniels’ Simply Delicious Ranch Dressing brand continues to grow. Made with real buttermilk and fresh herbs and spices, learn where to shop this Shreveport favorite here.


We just found out #CultureTags gives you a new challenge every day, so we’re just linking to that. Because what else are you going to do on a Friday afternoon… real work?! Nah.


@Kennbarnes has compiled the ultimate Essence Fest Spreadsheet on “What’s Poppin for Essence. If you’re headed to New Orleans next weekend, make sure you check it out.


Jigg & Paint with DJ Rob Real is coming up at Artipsy Studio on July 15. Get your tickets here.

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