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Know Before You Go - RTC 2024

This year's event will be our most memorable experience yet, with the support of our sponsors, Crown Royal, Ciroc, Mumm Nappa, Holmes Honda, and ATT.  

Rock the Clock starts at 9:00 pm at the Shreveport Convention Center on December 31. Get there early to get the full experience! 

Here are a few things you should know to prepare for an unforgettably enjoyable experience.

What you should know...

  1. The energy you bring largely determines the experience you'll enjoy. We set the stage through ambiance, entertainment and service. We ask you to bring an open mind and positive expectations.

2. Please remember your ID, ticket, and bottle redemption card. These items cannot be replaced.


3. A concierge booth is available for your convenience at the customer service desk near check-in, should you have any questions, concerns or lost items. Please bring all concerns to the concierge booth during the event so they can be remedied quickly. 

4. Cash Bars and Food Options will be sprinkled throughout the event so you can grab a bite or a drink as you explore.


5. Our bottle bar will be at the rear of the lobby. You can select a bottle; we’ll open the bottle for you and provide mixers of your choice and cups for you and your guests. You can return to your table with everything you need. 

6. General seating tables are in the back of the main hall. There will be over 500 seats available on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is just your seat, not your table, please be courteous and welcome other guests to rest their feet at the same table if necessary.

7. Feel free to move around and explore the space, we’ll have plenty of photo opportunities, brand activations, and interactive entertainment experiences. 


8. The Social Circle of Louisiana always welcomes people of all backgrounds, ages, abilities, sexual orientations, etc. We embrace diversity and inclusion and expect all of our guests to do the same. 


9. Your personal style is respected. However, we ask that you dress for the occasion. Attire from this event ranges from semi-formal to creative black tie. Enjoy the opportunity to dress up. Sagging or ripped jeans and t-shirts are not welcome at this event. You'll be asked to return in proper attire. 

10. Do not touch other's reserved tables and chairs or items on a table. Every detail of each table has been paid for and reserved by a guest.  


11. Grounds for being asked to leave include but are not limited to harassment of guests or staff, touching others' belongings and excessive drunkenness. Members of the Shreveport Police Department will be on-site to provide security services. 

12. Please do not drink and drive. We ask that if you’ve had a few drinks, please use a ride-share service like Uber, a taxi or a designated driver to get home or to your next destination for the evening.

Now that we've covered that... let's have some fun


We've got so many surprises in store for you! 

First up? 

The legendary DJ Rob Real has created a Rock the Clock 2023 Apple Music playlist to set the vibe of the night ahead of time. Play it this week as you head to your appointments or while getting ready to get in the feel-good and fun mood this night is about to offer. 

Next up, we want to make sure we stay connected throughout the event so we're inviting you to download the Wix Spaces app and join our community!

Check out our forum, receive push notifications during the event, browse the gallery, and check out our blog all in one place!

We've got a night full of entertainment on the way. 

Here's a preview of just some of what you can expect!

Plus interactive opportunities with Crown Royal, Ciroc, and ATT. 

Thank you to everyone for the outstanding show of support for this event! We're so excited to have a great time with you tomorrow!

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