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Pro Tips On Being A Great Friend During the Holidays

The Social Circle thrives on friendship! Many of our friends are really busy and stressed as shopping hits last-minute status and a slew of Holiday events approach. Keep your friends in mind these next couple of weeks!

Be generous with your time.

One of the best ways to nurture friendship is through spending time. Holidays provide an extraordinary opportunity to give your friends "gifts" that cost nothing but are priceless: your attention, your presence, your concern, and your love.

Be encouraging and uplifting! 😊 (Ditch the complaining and gossip.)

Being in a positive state of mind not only benefits you, but also it spreads to those around you. When we feel good and are in a positive place, we are more likely to attract similar energy from others. Take the time to take care of you so you can bring a smile to those people you can count on.

Offer to help, of course.

It is important that we keep in mind those who might be feeling left out or stressed. Include your single friends in your plans. Offer to babysit for your friends with kids. Do what you can to make sure the people closest to you don't feel like they have to do everything alone. The holidays are a time for giving, and support is one gift that you can give back to your friends that they could probably really use!

Text a few of your friends today just to check-in. While you’re at it, invite them to Rock the Clock so we can have a great time together as we exhale from getting it all done in 2021!

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