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Rock the Clock 2023 Style Guide: The Expectations of Aesthetics

It’s once again our responsibility and sincere pleasure to offer you a guide to style for a Social Circle of Louisiana event.

We’ve arrived at the end of an era, and a grand finale is fitting.

With a broader view of self-expression as we grow individually and in our craft, we’ll offer a few basic points of specific guidance. However, mostly, we’ll give you the overall feel and trust in your individual interpretation of these ideals.

Join us as we offer you a guide to the aesthetics of Rock the Clock 2023.


This is the final installment of a New Year’s Eve tradition built on the social set of Shreveport’s Black bourgeoisie, cultured creatives, and lovers of luxury. The aesthetic should reflect this legacy of style.

The mood forever is fried catfish meets filet mignon. Luster’s Sheen Spray in the Louvre. Black excellence, Black opulence… Black tie… and unapologetic Black presence.

The aesthetic is the sharing of smiles, compliments and an unforgettably entertaining night of celebration.

Our ultimate expectation of each guest is to showcase the art of dressing well and bringing pure positive energy to our shared spaces.

Grandiose garments, rich patterns, superb sequins, subtly sensual silhouettes, luxe fabrics, structured suits, and tailored tuxedos are all appropriate extensions of your expression.


The Southern Belles who brunched and the Roses who gathered in the gardens are welcomed to come together for one last sip of champagne and countdown under the confetti.

The ladies are what has made each Rock the Clock so special. The beauty and energy you’ve offered have always been the right mix of elegance and elation - you’ve needed very little guidance in the past, and we look forward to more gorgeous style.

This event has been tagged as semi-formal but there is no such thing as overdressed. Floor length is acceptable… as is a chic cocktail dress. Form-fitting or flowing - it’s all up to you and what flatters your form most.

We only encourage you to be tasteful and tactful when showcasing your personal style. If you decide to shop the most popular online fashion outlets, we encourage you to be selective and search for unique options. Although no one can wear a piece quite like you, we know you’d like your individual style to be highlighted in its own way.

Even more, we’d encourage you to spend within our own community if possible. Check with local boutiques, fashion creatives and seamstresses for one-of-a-kind finds and to have your dress fitted perfectly for you.

You’ll need a clutch or small handbag to carry your ID, which will be required at the door, perhaps a tube of lipstick and a pair of sparkly flip-flops if you so choose. A grand entrance and photos in heels are expected. However, we understand that some ladies may feel held back from having the time of their life if they have to tip-toe til the very end of the night. For others, beauty is pain. There is no wrong way to experience the evening as long as you spread light and love.


We’re happy to see more men than ever responding in social media posts and with purchases saying they’ll be attending Rock the Clock this year - a balance of masculine and feminine is a beautiful thing, and we welcome it!

We appreciate the aesthetic of the dapper gentlemen. The women of The Social Circle appreciate men who raise privileged children and respect the women they’re surrounded with. Men who acknowledge the magnificence in themselves and the inherent grace of the women whom they have the pleasure to enjoy the company of.

Your limbs should be lathered in self-love and layered in luxury. The expectation is always to look good and smell incredible…The only thing that may be out of place is a little lipstick 💄 on a tuxedo lapel.

Whether you choose classics or to make a statement in style, we expect you to set the standard: tuxedos, velvet blazers and Baroque Jacquard jackets. Although we love a man in Cole Haans or smoking slippers, sneakers may complete some styles.

Please remember, there is no such thing as being overdressed, but there is only one unforgivable fashion faux-pax for the night - baggy, sagging or ripped jeans. This type of look is unwelcome at Rock the Clock, and ticket or not - you’ll be asked to return after you reassess your personal presentation.

Remember to bring your ID in your jacket pocket or wallet when you grab your ticket and bottle redemption card if you’ve reserved a table. We look forward to a great time.

Purchase Your Tickets

We’re looking forward to a beautiful night as we close 2022 and the Rock the Clock chapter. If you have yet to purchase your tickets or table, we advise you to do so. Eight tickets are included in table purchases. The second set of table tickets will be mailed in the coming days. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail us at We hope to see you there.

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