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Standards and Style: The International Rose & Wine Festival

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The Fashion Standard: Effortlessly Chic

First things first, we know you’re probably wondering what to wear. A wine-tasting festival makes for a delightful and carefree day, and your attire should reflect that atmosphere. We’re always baffled by the beauty of the women and impressed with the besuited gentlemen and we expect nothing less this time around. However, it’s also important to consider your comfort.

As you'll be strolling around and mingling with fellow socialites, it's essential to dress comfortably while erring on the side of sophistication. Opt for chic sneakers, stylish loafers, comfortable wedges, or trendy sandals that offer both style and comfort. Pair it with breezy sundresses, flowy skirts, jumpsuits, rompers, tailored shorts, and pants. As you may be relaxing at a picnic with friends here and there, be sure to wear something in which you won’t mind resting among the wonders of spring for a while.

We’re Going International.

The International theme of this festival builds on several factors:

The Destination

The American Rose Society is the International Cultivar Registration Authority for roses, meaning they document the names of roses worldwide. The database started with 2,511 types of roses in 1930 and now holds information on more than 37,000 roses.

The American Rose Center is the headquarters for this organization, right here in Shreveport, Louisiana - with a garden of roses from around the world. With the roses in full bloom each spring, we can’t think of a more beautiful place around the globe to celebrate another season of sunshine.

The “Wine Flight”

The term Wine Flight is a popular term among aficionados and sommeliers to describe a series of similar wines to recognize subtle differences in taste, aroma, color and effervescence. With this event, we’ll experience a flight of wines and enjoy the nuances that make these wines special.

The Selection

All of the wines available for tasting have been carefully selected and cover several popular growing locations, including the southern coast of France, the Mendoza region of Argentina, the central coast of California and Northern Italy near the beautiful Lake Garda.

We’re excited to take flight with this choice selection of wines. You’ll be greeted with a passport that guides you through each selection when you enter the festival.

Savor Every Sip: Pacing Yourself Is Key

We know it's hard to resist the urge to taste every single wine on offer but trust us when we say, pacing yourself is key. Begin with a select few, and take your sweet time to savor every sip. Remember, it's not a race! Not a fan of wine? We’ll also have a selection of specially crafted cocktails available to purchase!

Take a break between tastings to reset your palate and keep your taste buds sharp. Be sure to bring your picnic blanket or a chair to relax and enjoy the view! And don’t forget about nourishment and hydration - with food trucks and several food and drink vendors, make sure to indulge in some delicious bites and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Our food trucks and vendors include:


Won’t Stop Smokin’

Chef Tee of Exquisite Catering Service LLC

Keidra’s Kitchen LLC

Dripp Donuts

Island Vibez

YOUnique Eats

Bayou Sweet Treats

Be sure to keep something on your stomach to fully enjoy your day.

Use Your Senses

Here are some tips on how to taste wine like a seasoned professional:


Examine the wine's color and clarity. Take note of any variations in color or cloudiness.


Swirl the wine to release its aromas, then take a sniff. Try to identify any scents or notes, such as fruits, spices, or flowers.


Take a small sip and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Swish it around, allowing it to coat your tongue and taste buds. Take note of the wine's flavors and characteristics, such as acidity, tannins, and sweetness.


After swallowing the wine, pay attention to the aftertaste or finish. Does it linger on the tongue? Is it smooth or harsh?

Remember, wine tasting is subjective and personal, so don't be afraid to trust your own taste buds and preferences.

We’re not finished going through the details, but let’s take a moment to express a special “thank you” to our sponsors who are helping us take this experience to greater heights.

Title Sponsor - ATT

ATT is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and they’re supporting The Social Circle of Louisiana in doing just that.

Installation Sponsors

Our Installation Sponsors have helped us provide the best photo opportunities to our guests. Check their websites to learn more about their services and how you can support them!

Rose Sponsors

Our Rose Sponsors have also helped us elevate your experience. Visit their website to learn more about their business and how they can help you!

Enjoy the Experience

Wine tasting is all about having fun and embracing your inner connoisseur. For many, a life of ease and luxury includes good music, dining al fresco and enjoying the nuances of a glass of wine - and we’re here to celebrate those petits plaisirs de la vie (small joys of life).

Sip & Shop

Be prepared for our Sip & Shop experience for unique finds from some amazing local vendors, including:

Stylish Asha Upscale Hair Care & Accessories

Asha Linnear has been an entrepreneur and hair stylist for 18 years. She loves making women feel beautiful and will provide a carefully chosen selection of upscale jewelry to choose from.


Hannah Brown will be offering Henna and Jaqua temporary tattoos. She can offer any type of design, and the application is painless, using a fruit gel that lasts 2-3 weeks.

Elijah Asher Vintage

Founder, Melvie Smith has been curating vintage and retro clothing and accessories for 13 years. For this specific event, she will be selling Spring/Summer fashion accessories such as sunglasses, parasol umbrellas, personal fans, and hats in timelessly classic vintage-inspired styles.

Danny Appleseed

Danny Appleseed will be featuring a variety of apothecary products that aid in weight loss management, infertility, hair growth and gut health.


RichNMelanin offers high-end hair care products made from natural, organic ingredients. Their motto emphasizes the importance of nurturing your hair, as loving your hair will result in it loving you back.

Stankin’ Good

Stankin’ Good will be offering a variety of wonderful-smelling products, including car candles, wax crumbles, and room sprays.

Metamorphosis Crafting

Metamorphosis Crafting will be offering a selection of handmade goods, including, tumblers, custom t-shirts, embroidery wreaths, welcome boards and stylish resin trays.


Artist, Trinity Knight will be selling original artwork for your home or office.

Title Boxing Club

Owner, Brent Smith will be offering information on the benefits of boxing for fitness with Title Boxing Club.

Kommon Scentz Wellness & Beauty

Kommon Scentz will have an assortment of natural skincare and immune support products that promote a full-body wellness experience.

Be sure to stop by and shop with these local entrepreneurs as you enjoy your day. You may find something unique that you’ll love to take home.

The Day is Almost Here!

Whether you're a seasoned sommelier or a newbie to the grape game, The International Rose & Wine Festival is the perfect opportunity to expand your palate and embrace the value of a moment of leisure and ease.

Looking for further inspiration? We recommend the movie, “Uncorked” on Netflix. Grab sunglasses, dress to impress, and let's pop a few bottles for some good times. Haven't gotten your tickets yet? Purchase them here.

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