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The Final Quarter is Approaching

As we prepare for the largest NYE party we've ever experienced, it seems like a great time to reflect on how far we've come this year and what we can do in the final push.

To finish the last three months of the year, we all want to achieve those goals we set out bringing in 2021. Here are some ideas we're returning to as we go for the gold.

  • Putting strong systems in place to ensure we're maximizing our time and not wearing ourselves out so when it's time to have a good time - we're ready!

  • Updating our goal boards and timelines: Some of our goals for this year are just within sight and it's important to strategize and keep the vision clear.

  • Being purposeful about planning time to rest! The Holidays will be here in no time and we can't wait to spend them with our loved ones. We're blocking off some phone-free time specifically devoted to family.

As you consider what you can do to close out the final 90 days of the year strong, remember to work smarter not harder, minimize distractions, and always ask yourself “What’s most important?”

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