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The Style Guide: International Rose & Wine Fest 2024

We're exactly one month away from another unrivaled day of fun in the sun on Sunday, April 14th. The International Rose & Wine Festival is the perfect opportunity to put on something stylish and enjoy great art and music while tasting our suggestions of wines from around the world. We're grateful for our sponsors and partners who support making this event a success, including the festival's Title Sponsor, AT&T. AT&T continues to see the importance of creating connection and how The International Rose & Wine Festival seeks to do just that.

We've explored several aspects of fashion when it comes to these events over the years. Whether it was high tea or feathers and flair, it's always amazing to see how friends of the Circle interpret these suggestions. (And they're always merely suggestions!)

This time, things seem to feel more subtle and chic. From Old Money looks to Clean Girl Aesthetic, there's something attractive about smart classics. Here are our style suggestions for this year's day on the lawns.

For ladies, we're suggesting looks that are classic and feminine but of the moment. The mood is privileged, preppy, smart, chic. Think Hillary Banks or Dionne Davenport on a weekend getaway. Whatever you choose, be sure you express your unique sense of self so that you feel comfortable and can enjoy the day!

Gentlemen, we look forward to so many of you joining us this year. Our Rose Sponsor, The Tobacco House, will be in the garden to craft custom cigars on-site for you.

We'll also have a bar of spirits available for those who aren't interested in wine. However you decide to enjoy the day, we encourage you to keep both comfort and style in mind.

We hope these selections give you an idea of what to expect and we trust each of you to always exude authentic sophistication in your own unique way.

We also have comfortable and attractive items available through our website which you can style for the day of the event or to hold for a keepsake. From floral sneakers to a classic print tee or even custom wine tumblers for keeping your vino chilled - there's something for everyone.

If you still haven't purchased your tickets to the International Rose & Wine Festival, get them today to enjoy a brand-new collection of wines from around the world. We'll share our choices with you soon!

Be sure to vote, Early Voting continues through Saturday, March 16th, from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and election day is Saturday, March 23rd.

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