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The Style Guide: Roses and Rosé 2022

This guide seeks to cover the most significant aspects of what to look forward to and how to best prepare for Roses and Rosé Garden Gather in the gardens of The American Rose Center in Shreveport, Louisiana on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

The Look: Think High Fashion.

As fashion lovers know, one of the best opportunities to express your style in all of its glory is an event with The Social Circle. The theme for this year's Roses and Rosé is High Fashion. That means a feel of haute couture and plenty of creativity.

If you've been itching for a reason to pull out a feathered fascinator, or floral print pants, this is the time.

For gentlemen, enjoy classic crisp cuts in unique colors and prints.

For ladies: decadent Ankara, chic structured pieces, sheer fabrics and flowing silks.

On May 15, we hope you flood our social media feeds with looks that speak to the collective love of art, culture, and style that the Socialites of Louisiana enjoy.

Whether you tend to offer subtle sophistication or bold in every way, as long as it's authentically you, we're looking forward to seeing it.

The Sound: A New Approach.

We're entrusting @GODeejayrobreel to reimagine the sound of The Social Circle by centering our musical experience around 90s R&B, Afro-beats, and whatever he sees fit to add to the mix. We can't think of anyone better to entrust with the vibes and energy!

Rob has been a staple in the Louisiana music scene for over two decades. He is known for his ability to get any crowd moving. We know that he will create an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends. So come ready to dance your heart out and experience something exceptional.

The Taste: Fresh & Flavorful.

Roses and Rosé Garden Gather is the perfect place to enjoy all that Louisiana spring offers. The food is flavorful and savory, with a selection of hand-picked wines that complement the weather. The cocktails are floral-inspired, and the classic choices are dapper and sophisticated.

There's something for everyone to enjoy at Roses and Rosé. Whether you're looking for a romantic day out or a fun experience with friends, we have you covered. Join us for a taste of something more refined than the everyday.

The Environment: Rose Garden - Reimagined.

The Social Circle is returning to the American Rose Center for Roses & Rosé in 2022, but expect a completely new environment. The 118-acre gardens have brand-new additions as part of the Great Garden Restoration that will be enjoyed in its completion for one of the first times with The Social Circle's Roses & Rosé Garden Gather.

The American Rose Center, located in Shreveport, features the nation's largest park dedicated to roses and hosts the headquarters of The American Rose Society. The Social Circle celebrates the opportunity to build an experience around the new design of this national destination.

Be sure to explore the garden while sipping on some bubbly!

Tickets and tables are available now at We can't wait to see you there.

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