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Wondering What to Wear into 2022? Here's Our Take.

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Let's go over a sometimes tricky term of "Black Tie" and what it means to The Social Circle.

What Is Black Tie?

"Black tie" is a formal dress code typically reserved for evening events such as galas and balls. Men are expected to wear a jacket and dress shoes. This can be relaxed to designer label shoes in modern times, and definitely NOT LIMITED to just all Black Attire! It simply suggests a more formal attire.

The black-tie dress code for women is a little more flexible than for men. You'll want a knee- to floor-length gown or evening dress (which can be short) or palazzo-cut pants. A black dress is a classic option, but you can go for colors as well. Accessorize with heels or flat dress shoes, a clutch, and jewelry.

We like our guests to be selectively stylish to your own liking!! Meaning incorporate who you are in your style, be as "Extra and Over the Top" as you would like, or stay simple and classic. We want you comfortable, but more importantly, we want your attire to speak to us in a vibrant and luxurious way!!

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