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Vax & Vibes with ESSENCE

Find out how we worked with Louisiana Social Media Influencers, ESSENCE AND The Louisiana Department of Health for a fun-filled vaccination drive in Shreveport and New Orleans.

The Social Circle partnered with ESSENCE and the Louisiana Department of Health in 2021 to promote the Vax & Vibes Covid-19 vaccination events in New Orleans and Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Social Circle of Louisiana has unique, organic relationships with African American Social Media influencers. The promotion of these events included the organization of these influencers to encourage vaccination rates.

The Social Circle also used its relationships with its Louisiana and Texas-based audience to encourage social engagement around the event plus social media marketing through paid advertising to reinforce the campaign.

Learn more about ESSENCE Vax & Vibes.

  • 46,000 paid social media impressions in New Orleans, Shreveport and Lake Charles

  • 4,600 video plays

  • 6,000 organic impressions from The Social Circle's Facebook Page

  • Increased reach through 20 partnering Shreveport and New Orleans influencers

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