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All vendor spaces are filled. Thank you!


  1. Application Process:
    a. All interested vendors will be required to complete this application form.
    b. The application form must be submitted before April 15, 2023.
    c. The Social Circle of Louisiana reserves the right to reject any application without providing any reason.
    d. Upon application approval, the vendor will be notified by email and provided with further instructions.

  2. Fees and Payments:
    a. All vendors must pay the required fees in full before April 15, 2023.
    b. All fees paid are non-refundable.

  3. Booth Space:
    a. The organizers will provide each vendor with a designated space.
    b. The size of the booth space will be specified in the confirmation email.
    c. The vendor must ensure that their display and equipment fit within the designated space.
    d. The vendor must keep their booth space clean and tidy throughout the festival.

    e. Food vendors will be provided with tent space.

    f. Retail vendors must provide their own white tent.

    g. Food vendors must provide their own power source.

  4. Products and Services:
    a. The vendor must only sell or promote products or services that were specified in their application.
    b. The vendor must ensure that all products or services comply with applicable laws and regulations.
    c. The vendor must not sell any illegal or harmful products or services.
    d. The vendor must not use any deceptive or misleading advertising or marketing.

  5. Insurance and Liability:
    a. The vendor is responsible for obtaining all necessary insurance coverage for their products or services.
    b. The vendor assumes all liability for any injuries or damages caused by their products or services.
    c. The Social Circle of Louisiana is not responsible for any losses, damages, or injuries the vendor or their property suffer during the festival.

  6. Termination:
    a. The organizers reserve the right to terminate a vendor's participation at any time for any reason.
    b. The vendor must immediately leave the festival premises upon termination.

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