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Rock The Clock 2024: A Guide to Aesthetics

As we prepare for this year's Rock the Clock, we're reminded of the magic that unfolds when creativity, culture, intellect, and indulgence come together in a harmonious symphony.

The Social Circle's collective role as impresario of time has been continuously established over the past seven years - consistently presenting growth that can only be associated with a connection to a vine that can take muddy water and make wine. Gratitude abounds.

Each tick of the clock brings us closer to an evening steeped in mystery and elegance. Every guest is both an observer and a participant in the grand spectacle.

We've combed through catalogues of historic masquerade and costume balls to build a well of inspiration for us to pull from.

We hope these aesthetic ideals will help you prepare for the celebration. Please remember that our dress code is Creative Black Tie and that our standards are high.

We expect attire that is acceptable, actions that are respectable, and energy that is impeccable.

Let the countdown begin...

A Face Full of Lace

The lace veil, a nod to the elegance of yesteryear, is synonymous with mystery and allure.

Intricate patterns remind you of romance and make a perfect complement to any ensemble.

Allow it to adorn your face or drape gracefully, accentuating the windows to your soul.

Bejeweled Beauty

If understated isn't your style, crystals can bring the dazzling you desire.

This aesthetic is for those who aren't afraid to stand out and let their presence be known with every glittering facet.

Classic Cool

This aesthetic is not about following the latest trends, but rather, it's about the quality of timeless style.

This look is about embracing the beauty of simplicity, the allure of clean lines, and the charm of minimalism.

A Classic Cool look exudes an aura of refined elegance.

Feathered Fascination

Bold and audacious, feathers can make a dramatic statement.

These looks bring movement and texture and they whisper of wild nights filled with laughter and champagne.

Painted Perfection

This aesthetic is for those who view their face as canvases, ready for vibrant colors or unique designs. For this night, you have the opportunity to transform yourself into a living, breathing work of art.

Painted Perfection could manifest in many ways. Perhaps it's a meticulously painted mask that tells a story, elaborately decorated nails that sparkle with every gesture, or stunningly dyed hair that adds a splash of color to the evening.

Vibrant Vision

When we talk about Vibrant Visions, we're talking about bold choices. This year's aesthetic moves from classic black and white to enjoying more bursts of color that tell a story about who you are. We find joy in diversity, excitement in variety, and beauty in every shade.

As we step into 2024, don't be afraid to do so with color in your heart and adorning your body. Life is too short for anything less than vibrant.

Join Us in Welcoming 2024 in Grande Style

Remember, this is your moment to embrace the extraordinary. As we bid adieu to 2023, let us do so with a sense of adventure - faces adorned, hearts open, and spirits high.

Time waits for no one, and neither does Rock the Clock!

If you haven't done so already, reserve your spot in the grand spectacle.

Don't let time slip away. Purchase your tickets now to secure your place at the event of the year.

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