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The Grande Masquerade: Rock the Clock 2024

Usher in the New Year with a riot of color, luxe culture, and extraordinary style. Rock the Clock 2024 whispers of far-off festivals while remaining rooted in our elegant tradition. This is where elegance meets excitement, where the clock doesn't just strike midnight - it turns towards a revolution of revelry. This is Rock the Clock 2024.

Venue Details: Shreveport Convention Center

Join us at The Shreveport Convention Center and book a hotel at the adjoining Hilton Shreveport for a night full of excitement galore.

Dress Code: Classic Elegance Meets Creative Flair

The aesthetics for your formal attire can be classic or you may decide to add a bit of flair with feathers or exotic details. This year's theme is the Grande Masquerade so a unique mask is fitting but not required. Whatever you decide, remember to have fun and express yourself as you prepare for a night that promises to be anything but ordinary.

The Love Frequency: A Unique Musical Experience

Experience the pleasures of rhythm and movement with a taste of the distant diaspora with the effervescence of champagne, the charm of tuxedos, and the allure of evening gowns. Music curated by a selection of our favorite DJs and live musicians will pulsate with the frequency of love and you never know what surprising entertainment you might enjoy when you choose to Rock the Clock. 

Toast with Ciroc, Crown Royal, Tanqueray, and Don Julio

Enjoy spirited drinks heightened by our carefully chosen partners - Ciroc, Crown Royal, Tanqueray, and Don Julio. Their cocktails will add a layer of indulgence to the atmosphere.

Light Dining Experience: Excite Your Palate

Prepare to be awed by our light dining experience designed to excite the palate. More details to come!

This is a night that promises to be anything but ordinary and an unforgettable night of revelry.


This is the Grande Masquerade. 

This is Rock the Clock 2024.

Rock the Clock 2024 is a 21+ event. All sales are final.

Please review our Terms & Conditions before purchase.

The Social Circle invites you to celebrate with the standard of luxury you deserve. 

Stay with us for updates as this experience continues to unfold. 

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